Week 1 Summary

Week 1 has ended a couple of days ago so it’s time to summarize it!

First of all, it seems like the universe doesn’t want me to use that angry cat picture from the previous post: I don’t have any loud classes this semester 😀 Though maybe some of them will become loud later on the way…

Generally, almost all my classes are nice, motivated and focused. I already love them! There’s one class that is not really keen on trying using TL but oh well, challenges make us stronger, don’t they?

I started doing more self-reflective and peer-feedback this semester – it’s going pretty well, most students have quite good self-awareness and self-reflective skills; their feedback usually matches mine. I make them set a goal for our second discussion and achieve it, and after the discussion, I ask them to think if they managed or not. I never ask them to report on it though since I know anyway if they managed or not and don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable if they didn’t. Most of them do manage to achieve their goals!

What else… I’m trying to explain why we’re using the phrases we’re using. Seems like they’re listening attentively, some of them nod, but I’m not sure how much they actually understand 😀 The results are mostly positive though; they use TL quite successfully (if they want to).

One thing I realised is that it’s not about language level but about attitude. I have a group of five low-level athletes, one of them can’t even say a proper sentence. I told them not to worry and use very simple English. They double-checked in Japanese that it was really OK, and I said yes again. I swear I could hear them breathing out happily 😀 And you know what, they were amazing! A bit unserious but it made the lesson more fun 🙂 They used TL, tried to speak out and make themselves understood by the others, and helped each other with vocabulary. Their teamwork skills were impressive (which is quite logical though since four of them are doing team sports). So again, thanks to their attitude, the lack of vocabulary and grammar knowledge didn’t prevent them from doing a great job. I didn’t care how good their English was but I did care about their willingness to contribute.

Generally speaking, week 1 was successful. I set up some useful routines (e.g., post-discussion 1 feedback and goal setting) and already had one of the students said that I’m cute 😀 I’m in the middle of Week 2 now, and it’s been more or less fine so far. I’m a bit worried about next week and even made two different practice procedures for higher and lower levels. Will see how it works on Wednesday.

Next post will be dedicated to the Reflective Project meeting we had yesterday. I hope to write it soon before I forget what we did there.
Stay tuned!


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