Reflecting on Reflection

This moment when you find out that the presenters of the TEFLology Podcast are your colleagues. Oh well…

Anyway, this is the post (which I promised to write like half a month ago) on my first ever Reflection Practice meeting. Let’s go!

The RP group I joined has been holding meetings for quite a while now but it didn’t take long to adjust myself (which is good because there is nothing weirder than that feeling you get when you join a group as a newbie and feel like an alien – you know what I mean?).

The agenda was ‘Reflection tools, methods, and techniques’, and that’s what we discussed:

  • Experiential Learning Cycle (which I have been using for quite a while without even realising)
  • Hand-y reflection tool (more about it in Ann Loseva’s post here)
  • Emotions and their connection to the needs being met (or not)
  • Your own ways you engaged in reflective practice (I could come up with quite many, yay!)
  • Zhenya Polosatova’s worksheet “How do you reflect on your teaching?”
  • Your PD (professional development) goals for the months (mine is to manage my bad-attitude class)

Zhenya’s worksheet is something I’d like to tell more about. It actually blew my mind with the variety of different ways in which you can reflect on your teaching. My ultimate favourites are:

a. Invite a colleague to observe your class, then talk about ideas
(I love observations, you can even say that I’m an observation freak

b. Write 2-3 (nice!) things you noticed about your challenging student today
(I must admit I have some challenging students so it’d be a good way to make myself like them I guess)

c. Free-talking about your ‘burning’ question
(I’m always up for a chat! Anyone else?)

d. Ask students about their favourite topics/activities in your lessons
(It’s always nice to hear what they think)

And just think about these two: 1) write a post-it Thank You note to one of your students and 2) draw your challenging student! Isn’t it amazing?! The latter one is an art therapy and reflection combined!

Overall, I found this meeting extremely useful and enjoyable and am definitely attending the next one. Can’t wait for it!

And how do you reflect on your teaching? Don’t hesitate to stop and share your experience 🙂


4 thoughts on “Reflecting on Reflection

  1. I like your post. I’ve always wanted to go to one of your reflection meetings but I work when they’re on. Great post. Cheers!

    1. Thank you, Marc, for your comment!
      I hope one day your work schedule and our RP meeting don’t clash and you’re able to come! We’ll be happy to see you there 🙂

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