I Have Nothing More to Say

I bet all of you here have been in my shoes when the students are just so amazing and did such a great job that you literally have no feedback to give apart from saying how great it was.
Like, ‘this was awesome, guys, you did a great job, and… erh… hm… oh well, what else can I say? Let’s keep working like that next week as well!’, you say while going over your students’ performance in a panic search of at least some tiny thing to improve (an important note: we don’t focus on accuracy in our discussion classes). And you find none.
Okay, not none. Of course, you can always say something like ‘you only asked one follow-up question; it’ll be nice if you ask more next time!’. However, let’s be realistic: there’re four people, four topics, sixteen minutes, and a looooong list of functions and skills they’re supposed to use in the discussion.  If they managed to use it all and ask one follow-up question, it means they tried hard. Like really hard. Would it be fair to undermine their effort by saying that they could’ve tried harder and done even more?

This leads to the other question: Should there always be some points to improve mentioned in your feedback? Honestly, I think, no. Sometimes you just have to admit the students did 100% of what you asked and they don’t have to be pushed to do 101% unless they want to.
I believe that if you have nothing else to say apart from how great your students performed in this lesson, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad teacher. It actually means the opposite. It means you taught them well, and they used the knowledge you shared with them to the maximum extent.
Well, what can I say? WELL DONE!


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