So you wanna take DELTA Module 1 Exam?

I’ve finally decided to post about my DELTA M1 experience.

I passed M1 in December 2018 and got a Pass with Merit. I am quite satisfied with my results considering that I was working full-time 6 days a week at that time.

1) So what kind of exam is that? What does it test?

As a graduate of a British university, I felt that this exam was quite like any kind of university exam I had in the past.

DELTA M1 exam consists of 2 parts and lasts for 3 hours with a 30-minute break in between.
Paper 1 tests your knowledge of terminology and language analysis skills.
Paper 2 tests your knowledge of methodology and coursebook materials analysis skills.

2) So how do I prepare? Should I take a course or not?

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