JALT 2017

Last Sunday, I went to a conference for the first time in my life, and I absolutely LOVED it!! It was JALT 2017 conference, the biggest one in Japan.

In this post, I want to tell about the most interesting parts of it.

  1. Creative Writing: Essential, not Supplemental by Malu Sciamarelli

This was the best of all! I can’t measure the level of inspiration it gave me. Malu started with a short presentation aimed to highlight the difference between creative writing and expository writing (she involved us into brainstorming the antonyms for the characteristics of expository writing). Then she talked briefly about the benefits of regular use of creative writing in the classroom for both students and teachers. And then there was time for the tastiest part of any workshop – practice! We tried writing a poem, a recipe, a haiku…

That’s what I got:
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