So You Wanna Do DELTA Module 3?

I started Module 3 nine months after I sat Module 1 exam. Same as before, I took a course with the Distance Delta. Academic writing is not among my strengths so I needed a lot of guidance and feedback.

The course was organised in chunks, and there was a deadline for submitting each part (approximately 2 weeks for each part, apart from Part 2 because it requires some extra time to collect the data you will need for Parts 3 and 4). We also had a couple of weeks to work on the final draft after receiving the tutor’s feedback.

Some things I realised while working on my EA and which might be useful for those who are going to start Module 3:

  • Before running thorough needs analysis for Part 2, do a short preliminary one. This will give you some ideas about what your future focus might be and what sources you need to look for before you actually start working on your EA. As a result, you will save some time.
  • When working on appendices, create a separate file with the list of appendices you are going to have. Group appendices according to the parts they belong to, e.g. 1a-…, 2a-…, 3a-… Apart from the title, add a short description in brackets (in case you forget what the appendix includes). Keep editing the list on the way. This will help you organise your Document 2 and not lose any appendices on the way (which is likely to happen if you have over 30 of them, and it’s a pretty common number for Document 2; I had 39).
  • Appendices to include in Document 1: 1) course syllabus and lesson plans; 2) collated needs analysis (NA) and diagnostic tests (DT) results
    Appendices to include in Document 2: 1) samples of NA questionnaires; 2) sample of completed NA questionnaires from one of the students; 3) DT tasks; 4) samples of completed DT tasks from one of the students (transcripts for speaking DT); 5) all materials used in each lesson; 6) all assessment forms; 7) all course evaluation questionnaires; 8) anything else you wish to include, e.g. charts and diagrams you refer to in the main body of your EA.
  • Learn how Word works. In particular, how to create heading styles and auto-generated contents. This will save A LOT OF time. To display the styles, press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S. Apply them to the headings – without this, you will not be able to create auto-generated contents. To create them, go to References -> Table of contents -> choose your preferred style.
  • Do all the necessary formatting BEFORE you start typing into the document. The standard is 2.5 cm margins (all sides), font size 12. Everything else is up to you, but I’d suggest having line spacing slightly bigger than 1 (it makes it easier for the reader, i.e. the assessor).
  • If you have problems with placing both footers and page numbers at the bottom (I did), place page numbers at the top – it’s much easier to do and not against the rules.
  • Have multiple copies of your EA in case something happens to your PC or if you decide to work on it using a different PC. I know it’s pretty basic advice, but you’ll be surprised to know how many people fail to arrange extra copies and end up regretting not having done this.

Don’t be afraid to get a deferral if you feel you don’t have enough time to refine your EA. You don’t have to submit it in December even if you started your course in September. I was working full-time while writing my EA and literally had no time to finish it before the deadline. I still did all the writing but did not prepare lesson plans, just the course proposal. I then took a break from writing and came back to it in spring. This gave me an opportunity to introduce all the necessary changes (according to my tutor’s feedback), attach all the lesson plans, and submit the EA in June. As a result, I got Pass with Merit, which is more than enough for me considering how many difficulties I always have when it comes to academic writing.

And as always, a link to the treasure box where you will find:

  • Module 3 Handbook;
  • Examiner reports;
  • Some sample assignments (free public access, no laws violated);
  • And a little extra.

If you wish to have a look at my assignment, feel free to contact me (but remember Cambridge does not tolerate plagiarism).


15 thoughts on “So You Wanna Do DELTA Module 3?

  1. Very useful tips! I always send important documents to my own e-mail after making any significant changes. When I was working on my Module 3 assignment, Word crashed and the file got corrupted, so I was very relieved to see a recent copy of the file in my e-mail.

    1. Oh my! Word crashing is a nightmare for any student! This happened to me once as well, so I can imagine how you felt.

  2. I am about to start my M3. Can you please suggest some readings before the tutor starts the session.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Ahmed. Follow the link at the end of the article – you’ll find some useful readings there for needs analysis, assessment and course design and evaluation. That’s for Parts 2-4 of your EA. As for Part 1, the reading list will depend on your chosen specialism.

  3. Hi, Lina!
    Yes, I would love to take a look at your assignment if it’s possible.
    I’m not going to copy or anything, just want to take a look at your second document with appendices and table of contents in the first one. My work is almost finished. In 15 days, I need to submit it.

    1. Hi Dmitriy, I can send it to you if you give me your email. You can post it here and I’ll delete it as soon as I send you the files.

  4. Hi Lina,

    Very useful tips indeed! Many thanks for that!
    Could you please share your EA with me as well? I am aware of the consequences of plagiarism, so please don’t worry about that.

    1. Hi Sabi, I’m glad you found it useful. Just leave your email here; I’ll delete it as soon as I send the EA.

      1. Hi Lina. I can see that you have deleted my email, but I haven’t received anything. Could you please be so kind to send it again? Would appreciate it a lot!

      2. Hi Sabi. I saved your email and deleted the comment because I didn’t want your PI to be available to public for longer than needed. I just sent the EA.

  5. Hi Lina,
    I’m in the throes of the extended assignment. What you’ve shared is so useful. The examples together with my tutor’s comments have helped me see the wood for the trees. I had a quick query, the examples of assignments you shared, did all of them pass? Some say they have but not all of them. Thanks again for the help!

    1. Hi! I’m glad to hear that it’s getting better for you. To be honest, I don’t remember but I think all of them were awarded a pass. Maybe not pass with merit but just a pass.

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